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I've been to other acupuncuturists, and by far, Ayesha is the best. Working with Ayesha for a few months now, and I've already seen the benefits of her therapies. She's terrific at what she does, knowledgeable, informative and truly a caring individual. The benefits have been many and reach far beyond my expectations. I will continue to go to Ayesha as I am a true believer in her amazing treatments. " –AZ

To sum up Ayesha in one word: AMAZING. I have been to acupuncturists before, but never to someone who is so passionate about the healing process and willing to meet you (the client) where you are at- physically, emotionally, even financially. She goes over and beyond to help you achieve your goals, answer questions, and make you feel comfortable. I found Ayesha as I was trying (naturally) for my second child. I knew there were a few blocks in my body and sure enough, she not only identified and treated them, she also gave me recommendations to continue the process of healing between sessions. Within a few weeks of seeing Ayesha, I was pregnant! During my first trimester, she has calmed worries, abated colds, and strengthened the functioning of my body. I look forward to continue working with her for a very long time." –Bonnie

My pregnancy history is probably more complicated than most. It is a bit long, but for those of you who need some hope, here it is. My husband and I married when I was 36 and we tried immediately to start our family. Getting pregnant was not my issue, rather staying pregnant was. I had three miscarriages within the first year and then we decided to seek the help of a fertility specialist. After extensive testing, I was diagnosed with 'unexplained infertility'.

I had tried a few acupuncturists previously. I know that it did help improve my lining as it was definitely thicker in my later IVF cycles, once I started acupuncture. With IVF#4, I decided to have pre & post transfer treatment. The acupuncturist I was using at the time was too far from my doctor’s office following transfer and I found Ayesha just by luck, as her office was close by. She performed my IVF#4 post-transfer and I just felt a connection with her. I also like the way she places the needles, very different than I’ve experienced in the past and much more gentle. As my pregnancy continued, I began spotting. Ayesha began to make weekly house-calls for my treatment. As it turns out, that pregnancy was chromosomally abnormal, so nothing could have saved it.

As I began gearing up for IVF#6...which would be my last regardless of the outcome…I saw Ayesha and we set up a plan to get ready for the process. I had weekly appointments prior to treatment, all through the stimulation, pre & post transfer (which, by the way, she performed at my doctor’s office while I was still on the transfer table!) and weekly visits thereafter. There was a very scary point during stim that it looked like my retrieval was going to be canceled. My lining was only 6.5 (and it must be at least 7) and my progesterone was 2.7 (anything over 3.0 and things fall apart). I was so upset! All I could think to do was call Ayesha. I knew it was a long-shot, but had to give it a try. She had me come to her office right away and treated me. She admitted she had people with thin linings and people with elevating progesterone, but never both in the same person. Well, the next morning I had an ultrasound. My lining went to 7.8 and my progesterone level came back at 2.9! I made it!! That night I took my hcg and retrieval/transfer went on as planned. I continued weekly treatments throughout my entire pregnancy and on March 26th, 2010 our healthy baby boy was born!

I believe not only Ayesha’s extensive knowledge, but warm, calming and caring spirit make her exceptional in her field. I would never go through this again without Ayesha on my team." –Amy N.

My husband and I had been trying for over a year to become pregnant. I felt my clock ticking (I was 37-years old), and began fertility treatments. Although I became pregnant through a cycle of Gonal-f, I am convinced that it would not have been possible without acupuncture.

To be honest, I thought acupuncture (and all alternative medicine) was a bunch of witchcraft, a gimmick, a farce. However, I was at the end of my rope, and was desperate enough to try anything. I began seeing Ayesha in January of 2008 and was pregnant within four months. At our first appointment I told her my feelings about acupuncture and admitted that I was only there because I didn't know where else to turn. Ayesha was more professional than any doctor I had ever visited. She was empathetic to my need to become a mother FAST. She set realistic goals for me and assured me, that in time, I would be a mother. Our relationship has blossomed in the past year, and I can't imagine her not being a part of my life – both as a friend and acupuncturist.

Ayesha won me over. I am a TRUE believer in acupuncture – for fertility and other health purposes. Although I felt I was a healthy woman, through acupuncture, I feel better than ever. My knees are better (I was an avid runner), my back feels better (again, running), and, I have had friends comment about the appearance/glow of my skin. Prior to acupuncture, I had sensitive teeth, and, knock-on-wood, I have only been sick (minor cold) once this year.

I cannot thank Ayesha enough! I am now 36-weeks pregnant and will continue my acupuncture practice even after I deliver. I tell everyone I can about my experience, and hope that my story has helped convince others, of the endless benefits acupuncture has to offer." –Jennifer A., Western Springs, IL

I had always been skeptical about acupuncture until my doctor referred me to Ayesha for a back injury that was bothering me during my second pregnancy with twins. At the time, I was experiencing quite a lot of pain doing simple everyday tasks and finding it difficult to care for my 2 year old daughter. I also was not sleeping from the pain so I reluctantly made an appointment when I was in my second trimester.

I met with Ayesha and had my first appointment and walked out of her office feeling better than I had felt in months. The next day my pain level had decreased so much I was amazed at the results. I wish I had found Ayesha during my first pregnancy! In addition to the fantastic physical benefits, Ayesha is very warm and compassionate. She will spend as much time as you need to talk about your issues and answer any questions you may have. I immediately felt a connection to her and felt very comfortable in her care. As I reach the end of my pregnancy I am seeing her on a weekly basis and I look forward to seeing her and receiving her healing touch. While managing my pain, the treatments make me feel less agitated and tired.

There is a connection between the (physical and emotional) and for people who wish to have alternative treatments to taking medication – (Ayesha) truly has the expertise to help with this goal. She genuinely cares for her patients and I highly recommend her, whether or not you are a pregnant. I plan on seeing Ayesha indefinitely and I foresee a lot less trips to my general practitioner. Thank you Ayesha for everything you have done for me and ultimately for my family, too!!" –Carla G.

Ayesha Atique is a fabulous acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner. I began seeing Ayesha when I was trying to conceive and about to start fertility treatments (IVF). Acupuncture helped me manage the stress of an IVF cycle and starting treatments months in advance helped me become ready to conceive. In addition to her acupuncture services, Ayesha is extremely knowledgeable about the various assisted reproductive treatments and could provide some insight about them and what I could expect, even beyond what the fertility clinic had explained. This additional level of comfort helped me stress less about the procedures. Ayesha truly partnered with me (throughout the process).

Once I became pregnant, she helped me through the first trimester and then again during the third trimester in helping to prepare my body to deliver. I experienced a fairly easy labor and delivery and a smooth recovery thereafter... I attribute this to Ayesha's knowledge and skill in her profession. I am so pleased that Ayesha was there to accompany me on my journey into motherhood and overall health. I can't imagine having done this without her!" –Amanda

Ayesha is wonderful! I was considered a "high risk" pregnancy because my cervix shortens early putting me at risk for pre-term labor. My sessions with Ayesha during and after my pregnancy were invaluable in helping control that cervical shortening, helping my energy level, relieving any aches and pains, shortening the length of a nasty cold and relaxing my mind and body! Ayesha's professionalism, expertise, kind heart, and personal investment in her clients make it easy for me say I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their pregnancy with Acupuncture. (I am happy to say I had a healthy baby delivered full-term.)" –Kristen, Naperville, IL

In July 2007, my fertility doctor broke the news that my high FSH levels would make it extremely difficult for me to have children. My highest reading was 20.9. I read as much as I could about how I could overcome this condition. My findings were quite depressing. I read on the internet that acupuncture had helped some women with a high FSH. I didn’t think I would ever go through such measures to try and get pregnant, but I was desperate. I wasn’t even convinced that acupuncture wasn’t a complete hoax.

Prior to working with Ayesha for acupuncture treatments, I tried another acupuncturist. I was unable to get my weekly appointment with that acupuncturist so I saw Ayesha instead. I’m glad I was introduced to Ayesha because I decided to continue working with her instead of the acupuncturist I previously worked with. Ayesha was more than an acupuncturist. She got involved in my fertility experience. She showed compassion, concern, and dedication while I went through a difficult time in my life. Ayesha was a great source of support, and a great acupuncturist.

While receiving treatments from Ayesha, I got pregnant. Last October I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Ayesha definitely played a role in helping me get pregnant. I have more faith in acupuncture than when I first started my journey, and I recommend it to anyone who is trying to get pregnant." –Marie, age 32

I've suffered from chronic headaches and have only found temporary relief with medication. I started seeing Ayesha for my headaches and was amazed at how much better I felt. After a couple of weeks of treatments, my headaches have significantly reduced in not only severity, but frequency as well. I have never gone this long without a headache before. I am so glad to have found her!" –Allison M., Wheaton, IL

I've been treated for migraines and lactation stimulation by Ayesha. My migraine was gone within minutes; it was amazing. ... when my daughter was born, I made an appointment with Ayesha to help my milk come in faster and I was able to nurse my daughter for 7 months - with no formula! Thank you Ayesha!" –Laila K., Carol Stream, IL

I was 2 days away from my due date and had not been able to sleep for weeks. My doctor told me that I wasn't progressing at all and they would be inducing me the day after my due date. I was frustrated, tired, and very nervous. I didn't want to be induced! I called Ayesha and after she treated me I slept for 15 hours straight! I was so relaxed once I had caught up on my sleep that my body responded and I went into labor on my own within 48 hours of the time Ayesha had treated me-right on my due date! Ayesha did an excellent job of following up with me. I loved the fact that she made me so feel comfortable and at ease. I'm so thankful to Ayesha!" –Farah H., Bolingbrook, IL

The birth of my daughter was a beautiful and fulfilling time for me. I was overjoyed, amidst the fatigue and pain of recovery. A week after her birth, I was surprised at myself for wanting to cry for no real reason and I started to feel a sadness start to spread through me. I talked to Ayesha about this and she immediately identified this as symptoms of PPD. Her treatments left me feeling restored, making "the blues" vanish! That deep feeling of sadness never came back. With Ayesha's informed, immediate and extremely effective help, I was able to get back to taking care of my lovely baby girl, without being distracted by negative emotions/thoughts or needing to take medication. Thank you Ayesha!" –Nazia R.

My personal journey began nearly three years ago when my husband and I decided to start trying for a second child. The time passed by quickly and each month brought disappointment and frustration. Testing was done by a fertility specialist to see if there was a medical reason why we were unable to conceive. There was a reason--my age. There was no other explanation, as all tests were normal. I was in my upper 30’s and I was provided with all the daunting science and statistics as to my chances of becoming pregnant naturally. To complicate matters further, I have Multiple Sclerosis and had been off my daily disease modifying injection for a couple years in anticipation of conceiving. IVF was strongly advised but I knew it wasn’t the right decision for us, although I think it is an amazing option, especially when combined with acupuncture. My neurologist supported my decision to continue to try naturally but gave a recommendation of me stopping when I turned 40. I was turning 39 around that time and having a “timeframe” made us even more anxious. I decided to try acupuncture. I found Ayesha in a search for a local acupuncturist and I stopped directly on her bio without even knowing why. Turns out she specialized in women’s health and fertility and I knew I had to meet her.

We embarked on an 8 month journey together that resulted in a positive pregnancy test, three weeks shy of my 40th birthday! I am in my 5th month of pregnancy, healthy and happy. Ayesha knew what she needed to do with me from the second I walked in the door that first day. Over time, she was able to balance my system, regulate my cycles and help me to relax. The statistics that worried me so were of no concern to her and soon became of no concern to me! She knew that I was determined, no matter what the percentages said, and she fully supported and believed that it would happen.

Ayesha never questioned or doubted that I could conceive and that helped me stay focused and positive. I truly believe in my heart that my sessions with Ayesha made the difference between a dream coming to an end - and becoming new parents all over again and making my son a proud first time big brother. The dream will come true in early September of 2009.

I will always be thankful to Ayesha and acupuncture for this gift!" –Diana Casey

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